Wednesday, January 9, 2008

In the Blogosphere: À mon chevet

Charles Downey, over at Ionarts, has begun a series of blog posts entitled "À mon chevet" wherein he provides a quote from a book sitting on his nightstand and some commentary. In this most recent post, he offers a selection from John Dos Passos' 1919, the second volume of the USA Trilogy.


happilycoupled said...

No problem. Once I finish "Water for Elephants," I'd be glad to share what I think of it. Also, do you already have a copy? If not, I'd be glad to send mine on. I usually only read a book once, and then I give it away.

happilycoupled said...

I do participate in BookCrossing - thanks.

My profile ishere.

However, I need to get participating again. I haven't since I left Wyoming over one year ago, and I know it would be lucrative in the DC/MD/VA area.

Are you on BC?

Rebecca said...

yep...I'm on BC and participate in a monthly BC meetup. I added you as a friend.:-)